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Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku (2021) : Review


A review by CLAPNUMBER

1 month ago

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Ramaswamy (Altaf Hassan) is an ambitious and high-spirited man, who seeks to grow above his trials and craft his own fate. He has two prime purposes in his life. The first goal is to be a monogamous man just like the idol he looks up to, who is none other than Lord Rama. His second goal is to establish a saree business. 

Ramaswamy's life somehow did not end up like how he initially planned, instead, he ends up marrying three women- Jayaprada (Shanthi Rao), Jayasudha (Lavanya Reddy), and Siri (Satvika Jai). In a polygamous wedding, it is common to have feuds among the family members, just like that, Ramaswamy's three wives never acknowledged each other's presence and constantly fought. To somehow tame them Ramaswamy gives his best and satisfies their needs, ultimately becoming their ideal husband, or so he thought. 

Eventually, more disputes took place among the three wives and Ramaswamy gets to the brink of failing to keep them tamed. Things get really twisted when two of his wives take it to the street and start an ugly brawl. The plot of this story revolves around how Ramaswamy tackles his marriage problems and not to forget, he also has to set up his saree business.  



'Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku' is a biased film and a mockery of good Tollywood films. Let's start with the acting aspect. The actors of this film hardly seem to put effort to atleast give a decent show, it felt like the cast was least bothered to deliver a watchable performance. The story of this film itself was whack and to add to this disaster, the makers of this film chose to derail any and all dignity of women in this film and made them an eye-candy for the lead actor to devour. It would be a mistake to say that the cast and crew of this film could've done better, as this film itself is so defective that one can find it impossible to make a better version out of it.  

The only good thing about this film is the decent cinematography by PSK Mani's picturesque frames. Other than that, we can't find anything better to acknowledge in this discriminative and petty-concept film other than nit-picking dozens of other flaws.  



Watching this film isn't worth it and a complete waste of time.  


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