Lasya Manjunath

Lasya Manjunath

TV Presenter

Lasya Manjunath is a TV show host and actor, who first shot to fame with her show 'Something Special' alongside Anchor Ravi in 2012. The show was a huge hit among young audiences and the couple attracted a lot of eyeballs with their anchoring stint.

Born in Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, Lasya did her engineering from the reputed Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. After the success of Something Special, she hosted a variety of TV shows like 'Mondi Mogudu Penki Pellam' in 2014, Maa Oori Vanta in 2016, and 'Dhee Ultimate Dance Show' in 2017.

Lasya is an Indian film actress and Television anchor. who has worked predominantly in Tamil movie industry. 

Danger Zone & Nominations

Danger Zone

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was saved!

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was saved!

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was saved!

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was saved!


Nominated By

  • Amma Rajasekhar: Due to issues in the kitchen

  • Divi Vadthya: Motions because of her cooking

    Mehaboob Dilse: Didn't support Sohel in coins task

  • Ariyana Glory: In the last nomination, told that all house members are irritated by her behavior. Verified with all housemates and everyone told no.

  • Noel Sean: For mentioning Divi during Zero/Hero game for selecting Amma Rajasekhar

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