Kumar Sai

Kumar Sai

Film Actor

Saikumar Pampana is an Indian film actor and comedian, who has predominantly worked in the Telugu film industry. His first Tollywood debut was in Maruti's youthful comedy entertainer Ee Rojullo in 2012. He also had screen presence in movies such as Bus Stop, Lucky, Present Love, Deal and so on.  

Saikumar Pampana before making his onscreen entry was an assistant director and writer for many movies. At present, this successful comedian is trying his luck to be a director.

Danger Zone & Nominations

Danger Zone

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was eliminated!

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was eliminated!

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was eliminated!


Nominated By

  • Syed Sohel Ryan: kumar sai Showing finger to him at dinning table

    Harika: He asked for a tip by returning back her money during BB Hotel task

  • Jordar Sujatha: Participating in tasks but still not communicating with others. Though everyone is encouraging him, he said he is playing solo with Nagarjuna.

  • Lasya Manjunath: For self-nominating and behaving separately in the house

    Syed Sohel Ryan: Shoe issue and getting down boat for a health issue

    Akhil Sarthak: Not doing working properly, issue about touching shoe. For creating blame on others to get down boat

    Amma Rajasekhar: Still not close to him

    Gangavva: Late contestant

    Divi Vadthya: Still not able to develop an equation.

    Devi Nagavalli: Still not opening-up

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