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Amaram Akhilam Prema (2020)

Not Rated

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Akhila (Shivshakti Sachdev) is the loved daughter of a daddy, Arun (Srikanth Iyengar). She is an engineering student in Kakinada and moves to Hyderabad to study civil services. She comes across Amar (Vijay Ram), a wannabe musician in Hyderabad and eventually both fall in love. Why Akhila really shifted to Hyderabad and how she falls for Amar is the movie about.  




The story has no fresh element but somehow it is watchable. The movie has the same decade-old storyline-overbearing father, confused & beautiful heroine, hero doing everything for the heroine and finally both of them end up happily. Despite all these odds, it has the much-needed 21st century garnishing and this is why director & writer Jonathan Vesapogu should be appreciated. 

Amar being a cable boy to a water boy to impress Akhila are really stalking but his bizarre acts will receive empathy from people. Even the scenes are not skippable as they go well with the script.  

The director would have made an epic classic had he handled the climax that’s overdosed with father-daughter sentiment and stuck to the base story-how a young girl is exploited emotionally by men in the disguise of love.  

Shivshakti and Vijay Ram delivered decent performances while Srikanth simply breezes through the character. Coming to technical aspects music is ok, editing needs a polish and the production values are good.  




A routine love story that’s slow but watchable due to performances & befitting scenes.  

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