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Day 43

It's Monday, yet nominations again, but this time it is in pairs. Will the housemates sacrifice themselves or ask others? The nomination is getting all heated up. Wait and watch Bigg Boss.  

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Reality Show Telugu 1h 12min 19th Oct, 2020


House wakes up to a moving dance number. Everyone shakes a leg and get into daily house chores. A bit of fun at the start of the day with Amma, Avinash sharing a lighter moment. 

Akhil, Sohel, and Avinash tease Harika about her long T-shirt.  

Ariyana tries to patch up Abhijeet and Monal, but everything goes in vain. She discusses the same with Noel before doing it. Lasya, Noel, Harika, and Abhi discuss Ariyana's impulsive nature and over-enthusiasm.  

Time for nominations, and this time it's different again. With Noel already getting nominated and Amma gaining immunity, other house members were split into teams of 2.  

Monal-Akhil, Sohel-Avinash, Ariyana-Mehboob, Lasya-Divi, and Abhijeet-Harika. One of the teammates had to nominate himself and save the other person. The saved person had to pull the string and pour the bucket of red paint hanging above the nominated person.  

Monal felt she is not a strong player like Akhil and nominated herself, and Akhil painted her in red. After a long discussion, Avinash nominated himself. BiggBoss asked them to come to a conclusion based on personal citing's. Since Avinash was never in nominations, so he nominated himself. 

Harika felt she should be saved, as she is an equally good player like Abhijeet. Abhijeet obliged and nominated himself. Divi nominated herself to clear the disturbances she had with Lasya. Ariyana, after a very long argument, nominated herself saving Mehboob.