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Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya (2020)


A review by CLAPNUMBER

2 months ago


Uma Maheshwara Rao (Satyadev)-a photographer from Araku has little dreams – marry his ladylove, look after father and lead an example setting life but what happens to these dreams is the story you should watch. 


Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya is the remake of Malayalam movie-Maheshinte Prathikaar and Venkatesh Maha-the director gets a full score for his brilliance. No viewer will be disappointed with the narration and timely humour especially with the characters of Mahesh and his father. 

Satyadev, although not a good photographer he is a good lover who deeply loves his childhood sweetheart -Swathi (Chandana Koppisetti) and is determined to marry her someday. You also get some fresh breath of life watching Babji-a local healer played by Naresh, the courageous Jyothi (Roopa Koduvayur) and Suhas (played by Suhas). 

The Araku localities and rustic settings give the movie a green-filled touch. Bijibal has done his own share of good with the background score and Ningi Chutte track.


Satyadev and Roopa Koduvayur although aren’t the regular lovebirds you see in every movie they will surely take you through their journey without making you feel bored while you also have those sensible episodes of Naresh and Suhas that make you chuckle. 

Although a remake, Maha has made every effort to give the Telugu touch by discussing bamboo chicken, mustard flowers, Mahesh Babu and Jr NTR. 


A different story of revenge and we sincerely suggest staying out of the movie if you wish routine 5 songs and 4 fights. 

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