Divi Vadthya

Divi Vadthya

Film Actress

Divya Vadthya aka Divi is an Indian film Actress and Model, who has worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry. Divya's previous film to hit the theatres was Maharshi in the year 2019. 


Danger Zone & Nominations

Danger Zone

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was eliminated!

  • This contestant was in Danger Zone on and was eliminated!


Nominated By

  • Lasya Manjunath: In order to clear the difference between them Divi got nominated

  • Monal Gajjar: Due to trust Issue

    Avinash: She is not playing the task properly

    Mehaboob Dilse: Due to trust issue

    Lasya Manjunath: Since both does not have a proper communication

    Noel Sean: As she pointed on his health and nominated him

  • Lasya Manjunath: She didn't like to wash plates, didn't keep the kitchen clean

  • Monal Gajjar: Tried 4 times to tell the truth

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